The Bungalow

The Bungalow. A worldwide structure with different meanings in other countries. Canada uses the American definition of Bungalow which is a single family dwelling. The one Exception is here in British Columbia where we more commonly call it a Rancher.

What makes Bungalows convenient for the home owner is that it is ideal for people with limited mobility and they are easy to maintain. Areas that have bungalows offer more privacy than areas with two or more storeys. Shrubs and bushes at the sides of the home are effective for privacy from neighbours, to do this with a two story home is possible but requires more effort.

on a per unit basis (per square foot or square meter), bungalows are more expensive to build than other homes because a larger foundation and roof area is required for the same living area. Through the blueprint of the bungalow its design is rectangle shaped, with any foundation, and the windows are positioned right to the roof. This avoids any needs for special arches and lintels  to support the brick walls above the windows

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