The Century 21 In Town Team Takes a Trip to the Squamish Easter Seals Camp

This past Thursday I had the privilege of making a visit to the Easter Seals camp in beautiful Squamish BC. The Easter Seals is an organization dedicated to fully enhancing the quality of life, self-esteem and self-determination of Canadians with disabilities.

The Easter Seals are Canada’s largest local provider of programs, services, issues-leadership and development for the disability community, Easter Seals is dedicated to helping more than 100,000 Canadians with disabilities participate fully in society.

This was truly an eye opening experience. It was teen week at the camp and it was so full of life. Some of these kids have been visiting the camp for over 11 years and this is truly the highlight of their summer. From the giant swing, oversized tree house, trampolines, rock wall, to just relaxing with their friends watching a movie this camp offers kids with all types of disability a chance to do things they otherwise couldn’t do.

The real highlight for me was being invited to join all the campers for lunch. We sat down in an empty lunch room and within minutes the kids started to stream in and the room filled with laughter and songs. At more than one occasion I got chills looking around at these amazing kids who are so positive about life.

There is no cost to parents to send their kids to this camp; the Easter Seals take care of all the costs. As a part of the Century 21 In Town team I’m so proud to be able to dedicate time to raising money to help these kids have the chance to experience this amazing camp. After getting to spend a day seeing how much joy this camp brings to each and every kid we have found a new drive and determination to raise even more money this year.

Please stay tuned for the next Century 21 in Town fundraiser to help send a Kid to Camp!

Every donation helps give one more child with a disability a chance to spend an amazing week at the Easter Seals camp. If you would like to donate please click here.

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