The Christmas Spirit in a Child's Spelling Mistake..

  I had the pleasure of spending most of this week in a cold warehouse in Delta helping a bunch of mainly older gentlemen organize hundreds of boxes from schools filled with canned goods into well over five hundred hampers for people in the Surrey and Delta area. One school-based offering, an apple box with simple little colorings of Christmas images, also displayed the words "Breackfast things".  In roughly 33 years of elementary school teaching I was very used to little or large grammatical errors as young children grappled with expressing themselves in English.  This simple mistake propelled me back to those years and for that I was truly thankful.  Most children do know a fundimental sense of helping others.  They do it, one can of soup or box of Kraft Dinner, at a time.  There is a profound sincerity in their little acts of kindness.  Working with the Christmas Hamper people in Delta was a similar experience.  Chief organizer George Koka and his sidekicks Terry and Brian, to name just a few,  have been devoting a large part of their pre-Christmas time shepherding the other volunteers through the hundred or more essential chores adding up to the big deliver day.  This year the big event is tomorrow, December 19th, when a host of service club members will descend on the 64th Street nursery with all sorts of vehicles to deliver all the wonderfully planned hampers.  These are not just a bunch of tins thrown together and pushed into people's arms.  They have turkeys, canned fish, friut, soup, vegetables,ham,  fresh vegetables, and other little delights, as well.  These people, some moving a little slowly, sipping coffee to keep warm, accomplish great things in quiet ways.  They are the grown-up versions of the little ones who simply know that helping others is good.  They are almost all from the Delta area of the Lower Mainland.  It's a nice place to live, with old fashioned community spirit and neighbors that you can meet and care about.  My wife and I chose to live here.  You might feel the same if you visit the area and spend some time "out our way".  A Merry Christmas to you, and to those fine people who performed one of the many holiday acts of kindness this year.  George Rust, Century 21.

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