The London Summer Olympics

The London Summer Olympics

I'm sure all we Vancouverites can remember with great pride and joy our Vancouver Winter Olympics. Such a heady time for all of us. Just imagine how excited all of London is, on the eve of their Summer Olympics. And just as we experienced here, there are teapot tempests about everything from the chosen mascots to the Olympic venues.

London 2012 Olympic Mascots


Jokingly described as "two parts-Teletubby, one-part lava lamp", Olympic mascot Wenlock (right) and Paralympic mascot Mandeville (left) are the official mascots of the 2012 London Summer Olympics that are getting lots of attention worldwide. They each even have their own Twitter pages! Everyone is allowed their opinion - but a lot of research goes into the mascot decision and I think they are very ...interesting.

The sporty duo have cameras for eyes and taxi headlights, and Wenlock has friendship bracelets in the color of Olympic rings while Mandeville has a pink stopwatch to signify the competitive spirit of the games. They have an imaginative back story and very hi-tech attributes. Check out their official site.

London 2012 Olympic Stadium

The centerpiece Olympic Stadium has received mixed reviews. ”It’s a bowl of blancmange,” wrote the London Times' Marcus Binney, referencing a creamy, gelatinous dessert similar to vanilla pudding in the U.S. There’s also been controversy over who will actually keep the stadium after the Olympics are over. 

Olympic Aquatic Centre


The Olympic Aquatic Centre is an example of amazing modern architecture. 


No stranger to centuries of history and interesting trivia, London has already played host to the Summer Olympic games in 1908 and 1948. When it hosts again in 2012, the British capital city will become the first city in history to host the Olympic games three times.

Director Danny Boyle unveiling the model for the Opening Ceremonies

A village cricket team, 12 horses, 10 chickens, 70 sheep, a model of Glastonbury Tor, two mosh pits and the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world are among the sights that will greet the world when the curtain comes up on the London Olympics, it has been revealed.

The surreal vista of a "green and pleasant land", with giant maypoles representing the symbols of the four nations of the UK around which children will dance, is the scene for the opening sequence of Danny Boyle's £27m opening ceremony extravaganza. It takes place on July 27th.



Watch as the Summer Olympic Games kick off July 27, and end with a spectacular Olympic closing ceremony on August 12, 2012.


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