The Perfect Home - Is Worth The Hunt !

The perfect home - yes it does exist! But... unless "lady luck" is your real estate representative it will be a lot of work.  This is, of course, based on the clients' needs and wants and what they are willing to compromise once they see just what the market has to offer.

Even though the market has a surplus of inventory and we are in a buyers' market for the most part, here is a great example of what can happen...  In May of this year, I started with this specific search with clients who wanted to buy in the West Vancouver area.  We had some very specific parameters - large home, large level lot, room for a pool, PRIVACY, modern yet classic, large rec room and home office.

Just when one of the available homes seemed to be covering off the needs - there was always one aspect that negated the potential purchase.  Along the way we entertained new homes, older renovated homes and tear downs.  As the options diminished in the West Van area we expanded a bit to Deep Cove,  Southlands near south Granville, Point Grey and yes even a trip out to a fabulous estate in Port Moody.

It had to be done - plain and simple - to exhaust the search for the one home that met the standard.  Out of nowhere - when frustration was building for the buyers - we did find right under our noses. THE perfect home.  Within eight hours of the first viewing we had the offer in and accepted.  This was the first week of November!

Lesson learned: Keeping both control of emotions and a positive outlook that something will come along is part of the game.  This was a long process but as we progressed we were able to refocus - after expanding the search - what the home owners really wanted.  When purchasing in these price ranges it has to be right and best for your clients.  A virtue you may want to ensure when working with a realtor is patience.  Buying a home is emotional on many fronts and being a realtor you simply have to learn to adapt.

In the end the new home owners found exactly what they wanted - which in the big picture is the goal.  I was just happy to be part of that process. Below are some images of they home I helped them buy. Congratulations!

Follow this link for more photos.

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