The Vancouver Special


You have all seen them. They are the fancy rectangle shaped homes you see everywhere in Vancouver. Im talking about the Vancouver special home. The term is used for a certain architectural style for homes built in Vancouver roughly between 1965 and 1985.

It is an ideal style of home to build from a builders point of view because it is sturdy and cheap in matierial and time . The charactaristics of the Vancouver Special by the typical box like structure, the balcony going across the front of the house, and the low pitched roofs. For the aesthetic features of a Vancouver Special it will be either brick or stone for the bottom floor, and stucco for the 2nd or 3rd floor.

This is an Ideal home for anyone who has a large family. The Vancouver Special through the 60's and 70's was very popular with the Portuguese, Italian, and Greek families, while today it is popularity has expanded to South Asian and Oriental families. Typically how its known to be shared is the elderly parents will live on the lower floor while the younger parents with children will live on the upper floor.

This home is designed for moderate climate, It is not optimal for large amounts of snow. The only question that can't be answered is about earthquakes. Vancouver has not seen a substantial earthquake in a very long time, for that reason we dont know exactly how durable they are.

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