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This is not one of those blog that gives you information about the current market in Vancouver.  It is just a story about a random day at work.  Feel free to click on that little ‘x' on the top right corner right now if you don't have 5 minutes to spare for a casual read.

May 1st, 2009

I was working at Century 21's kiosk in Denman mall.  For those of you who don't know about this place, it is a small display center in downtown Vancouver filled with property boards for people to look at when they need to kill time for their next venture in the mall.  Treat it like a store with nothing but ad if you wish.  My job there is to be an information junkie and provide people with an answer to any question related to real estate.  Actually, that's not entirely true.  50% of the time I ended up showing people where washroom is.

Anyways, enough of the chit chats.  Today went by almost as usual, with a little less traffic.  It's been about an hour into my shift and I had yet to have a chance to meet, let along talked to anyone.  Just when I was about to sit back onto my stall and press F5 to refresh my e-mail screen, an old lady stopped in front of a property board.  Delight to find out there was still live human left in this world, I walked over with an warm smile that would normally hurt my chick bone and greeted her with a energetic ‘hi' that's at the boarder line of aggressive.

Before I went on to the rest of the story let me just clarify a fact.  Human is like animal.  Actually, no, human is animal.  Argue all you want, but in the end, all our above average intelligence (cross species wise) does not help at all to free us from our animal instincts.  When ostrich senses danger, it hides its head into a hole. When skunk senses danger, it farts. As for the old lady, she opened her purse and pretended to count coins right when she sensed the approaching steps of a stranger.

Unfortunately, she could not resist my dazzling voice and turned around to greet me back.  However, her ‘hello' never reached the ‘o'.  It stopped half through as soon as she turned to face me.  Her eyes were starring at my chest for a good 3 seconds.  Then she tilted her head up and finally met my face.  She snorted a noise as if she just saw something creepy.  Then paced away in a speed that's considered too fast for someone her age and left me there withstanding the overwhelming judgemental stares from the people walking in the mall.

Written by Andrew Wang May 8, 2009

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