Top 10 Tips for Moving!!

Top 10 Tips for Moving!!

Moving is very stressful and here are some clever tips to help you get through the process.

Before You Start Packing

#1 - Make three piles: 1 – things to keep, 2 – things you are not sure about and 3 – things to discard, sell or give away.

#2 – Get sufficient boxes and rubber tubs with tops as you pack up items. ( Running out of boxes, when you're on a packing roll is never a good thing)

#3 – If it seems helpful to empty out one house before you actually move, consider renting a storage shed for the duration that you need and start packing up things and moving them to the shed. Use rubber tubs with tops to prevent moisture and bugs from getting into your possessions. Be sure to pay the shed fees on time and use a sturdy lock with extra keys. Do not lose the keys! Put only items you are keeping into the shed.

As You Are Packing

#4 – As you package items into boxes or tubs, remember to mark upon or label each box or tub what is inside and what room it should go to. Keep a paper list inventory also and mark each box or tub with a different number so you always know where things are and where they belong after you move. Sturdy boxes and tubs with tops allow you to stack the shed to the roof. Keep the heaviest boxes and tubs near or at the bottom.

#5 – Rent a truck if you must to get everything in one or two loads. This is much better than trying to make a dozen runs with your own car or truck and doing everything piecemeal. You will save time and the cost is well worth it to use a rental truck or hire a moving company.

Store items or Give Away?

#6 – Items you are keeping can be packed up and stored. Items you are not sure about will need to be thought about a bit. It is better to decide what to do with them prior to moving day so you do not move anything unnecessarily. The third category of discard, sell or give away needs to be dealt with before you move. Have a yard sale or donate what you think is good and usable. Throw out items that no longer are wanted or that are broken. If you have good usable items you may want to take them to a consignment store and let them go that way so you get a little cash for them. Selling on an auction site like eBay can bring in a lot more money than a yard sale if you have time to do that.

Before You Move Into the New Home

#7 – Before you move into your new place make sure that everything is cleaned and decorated if you want to make any changes.

#8 – Read the labels on your stored and packed items and put each box or tub into the room designated. This will make unpacking easier and you will not have to move around heavy boxes.

What to Do At the Old House

#9 - As soon as the old house or office is empty go through one more time and clean what needs to be cleaned. Double check all cupboards, closets and rooms for items accidentally left behind before you leave for the last time.

After the Move is Complete

#10 – Relax and enjoy your new residence!

Moving can be upsetting but it also is a great opportunity to get rid of things you no longer want or need and it is a perfect chance to start over. Enjoy the move by planning ahead and following these simple tips for moving.

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