Top 5 Reasons To List Your Property With a Realtor®

Every now and then, I get asked by a prospective client, "Why should I bother listing my home with a Realtor®? Why don't I just sell it myself and save myself some money?" 

Here are 5 reasons why using a Realtor® to list your property makes more sense:

1. Your property will be listed on the MLS® system

This allows other Realtors® to easily search for and view details/pictures of your home and instantly connects you to thousands of potential buyers within seconds of being uploaded to the system.

2. Set your asking price with confidence

Okay, so your neighbor's home sold for $530,000 late last year, so does that mean you should list your home for that amount? Not necissarily. For all you know, he could have sold his home for the price of the land to a developer because he needed a quick sale. And how do you know that the market is still in the same condition? Maybe houses in your area are worth 10% more than they were last year? These are great examples of things your Realtor® will research for you before he/she recommends a price for you to list your home at.'

3. The power of negotiation

Are you skilled in the art of negotiation? If not, how are you planning on handling a situation where a buyer offers less than you are willing to accept?

4. Know the tricks

Let's face it, not all Realtors® play by the rules. Some use tricks to sway a deal in the favour of their buyer client. When this happens, it's nice to have a good Realtor® on your side who knows the tricks and knows how to keep the deal fair for both parties.

5. Access to research tools

In Addition to the MLS®, Realtors also have a wealth of research tools available to them, including access to Real Estate Statistics, Market Conditions, and priveleged listing information.

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