Top Remodeling Projects with associated returns!

As a Realtor, people always ask me what the top returns are in remodeling projects for the home.

Here they are with their associated percentage of return on investment:

1.New Steel front door: 96.6%: Offers greater security as well as better insulation resulting in energy savings.

2.Exterior work: 97%: Biggest bang for your buck. Don't forget the importance of first impressions.

3.Addition of square footage: 71.8%: Adding more space = adding more value.

4.Bathroom remodel: 74%: Especially when using energy efficient toilets and shower heads.

5.Basement remodel: 77.6%: Along the same lines as added square footage, especially if you are able to add a suite.

6.Window replacement: 77.3%: Offers better insulation resulting in energy savings.

7.MINOR kitchen remodel: 74.2%: Careful not to go overboard.  Minor remodel means minor remodel, not gutting!

8.Garage door replacement: 83.7%: Only if it is beat up and/or highly visible.

9.Attic bedroom conversion: 84.3%: Especially valuable if you are able to add even a half-bath.

10.Wood deck: 87.4%: Entertaining is back in the mainstream.  Build in benches and or garden beds!

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