Tragedy Avoided!

The tranqility of a quiet "floathome" morning was shattered earlier today, Sunday, by the sounds of a runaway skiff in Ladner harbour.  The realtor, George Rust, jumped into his powerboat and raced to the assist only to find local yachtsman Glenn Relkie already with much of the situation in hand.  The injured boater, badly shaken was more concerned about his out-of-conrol boat and his small dog, cowering in the bow.  Mr. Rust and Mr. Relkie made short work of reaching the wayward vessel and dissabling the engine, but when they drew the craft alongside the tiny dog had disappeared!  A frantic search of the surrounding waters proved fruitless.  Only then did a small noise under the seat reveal a rather terrified dog.  It somehow had managed to understand safety was at hand and had jumped, unseen, into the larger vessel!  Dog and owner were reunited for a brief moment before the injured boater, a local Ladner resident, was transported for further medical treatment.  This is Mr. Rust's fifth emergency response since moving to the river in 1992, and the second incident where he has teamed up with Mr. Relkie to effect a rescue.

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