Come and watch Erissa Rapel and jump off a building to raise funds for our Century21 Charity.... EASTER SEALS.  On September 11, 2012.  Drop Zone Event off a tall Building in Vancouver.  Call Erissa at 604-880-8683 for details.

As for Real Estate news....the market is active, buyers are looking, and you can still fetch a great price for your home when you engage a knowledgeable REALTOR in your area.  Call Erissa at 604-880-8683 for information relating to your real estate needs.  A REALTOR is like a skydiver.  It takes skills, experience and dedication to know which string to pull to make a great landing.  A Skilled REALTOR will help you make your landing a property with the least hassle, the least headache; but with the most value for your money. An experienced REALTOR will find you a property of your dream faster than you can on your own.  CALL a REALTOR today.

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