Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Doug Atkinson Century 21 In Town Realty in Yaletown

This is the first step for me to the 2010 Olympics here in Vancouver and Whistler. I have volunteered my time during the next 16 months. I have had 9 years volunteer experience with The Vancouver Police in their Victim Service Unit. That finished about a year ago and I was looking for something similar. I applied as a volunteer with the 2010 Games and had my fisrt interview yesterday. It was a five hour day, wich included an interview and an in-service training module.

They have me slotted in TRANSPORTATION for the games. There are over 3500 cars, trucks, vans, buses that need drivers for the games. Picking athletes, officials, vip's  and the such up. From the airport, venues, homes. It is all interesting and unbelievably complicated to organize I am sure.  I am looking forward to meeting people from around the World and showing them our beautiful city.

I should hear back from the VANOC in the next few months as to when I am working. I have slotted myself for pre-olympic events and World Cups. It's all about practicing and seeing the venues. This is going to be an exciting time here in Vancouver. Over 3 Billion people will be watching us from around the World.

I will BLOG my adventures on here on a regular basis. But as for now, it will be a few mor months.



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