Vancouver Bans The Doorknob

I really wasn't sure if this new story was a parody or not, but it turns out to be true. The City of Vancouver has amended it's building code to ban the doorknob in all new construction, starting in March 2014.

Vancouver bans doorknob

The ban also extends to round faucets handles. Both changes were made to make homes and buildings more accessible for the elderly, the arthritic, and even children. The lever-style "doorknob" has been the standard in much of Europe for many years. 

 Vacouver building code mandates door levers

Vancouver is the only city in Canada with it's own building code and the changes Vancouver makes often find their way into the B.C. Building Code and Canada’s National Building Code. I have no problem with this, but of course many online are up in arms about the "nanny state" and the such.

Matt Collinge
Vancouver Real Estate Consultant

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