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Len Harris Breakfast Blog - Introduction

As a Realtor, my days are unpredictable. Breakfast is the only time of day I can call my own, I love my morning coffee, reading the news paper and eating great breakfast food.

Two things I am very good at, the first - Real Estate, the second - Breakfast.  So when I decided to write a blog each week I did my homework.   Every Real Estate Agent in this city is rehashing the same old Real Estate Bla Bla bla! Who needs more of that?  That leaves me ....breakfast, I am starting my trek looking for the perfect Vancouver breakfast place. And hope you come along.

Please write me if you have something to ad or if you think you know the perfect breakfast spot.  I would love to meet you there for breakfast.

I have chosen 6 categories,each with subcategories for rating each place I blog about.


1 = awful,  10= great, with room in between for all the rest.


Service: including friendliness, promptness and overall impression of the server.

Cleanliness: Including the staff, the tables, condiments, dishes, floors and the washroom.

Atmosphere: What was my first impression, was it a happy place to start my day?

Coffee: How it tastes, how fast it comes and how often the refills show up.

Food: Is it what I ordered, the way I ordered it, was the toast buttered to the edges and the overall presentation.

Price: Is there value for the money I paid? Generally I am happy to pay $10.00 including tip.


Vancouver Breakfast Blog #1 - Joe's Grill

My search began at 948 Denman Street in the West End, at Joe’s Grill. My preference for breakfast runs distinctly towards the average diner/cafe, and from the outside Joe’s Grill looked pretty average and urban. Inside, it was upbeat, clean and somewhat trendy. The bar was bright and the waitress stood in the centre, keeping a watchful eye on the customers. A row of dimly lit booths lined the left side of the room. A corresponding line of tables and chairs were on the right.  I chose the table in the front window, as it was bright enough to read the paper by.  A stack of newspapers covered a table by the door, encouraging the customers to settle in for a morning read. 


Each table had two coffee mugs with the cutlery tucked inside. The place was clean and orderly. Within seconds of my arrival a friendly and attractive waitress (Anna) came by with a coffee pot.   


I’d no sooner settled into my paper and coffee than she was back to take my order. I explained my morning ritual – two cups of coffee while I scanned the paper for news, then breakfast. Her eye was always on me to ensure my cup never went dry – or perhaps she thought that I looked friendly and attractive too.   Only wishful thinking... LOL. 


As I scanned the diner I deduced that this was not a tourist spot, but a hangout for locals – at least this time of year in the early days of autumn. The clientele seemed to know each other, and they ordered “the regular” from the waitress.  


I finally ordered two eggs poached medium, well done sausages, rye toast and home fries. I often have a hard time getting the poached eggs the way I like them, with the whites cooked and the yokes runny.  Today – perfection!  Prior to leaving I checked out the washroom, which was clean and well stocked.  

Joe's Grill was a big hit in my books.  The coffee was hot, plentiful and had that unmistakeable and comforting taste of diner-brewed joe. The home fries were hot and crispy, the butter went to the edges of the toast, and the service was great.  My only recommendation for improvement is for better lighting. The dim interior made the front window seat the only decent choice for newspaper reading.  

Let's rate Joe's Grill!

Service: 8

Cleanliness: 8

Atmosphere: 7

Coffee: 9

Food: 9

Price: 7

Overall.... 8.2 = Very Good - Give Joe's Grill a try.


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