Vancouver House Styles Part 2

The California Bungalow. Mass produced and therefore the style is a response to the boom of the times between 1900's and 1920's on the West Coast. This is a one-storey house with a large porch which usually takes up the whole front of the house. The house has large tapered porch posts and plenty of front window area. The siding is either clapboard or stucco. The roof is usually a 4/12 rise over run pitch. This has allowed renovations over the years to increase the house's living area by adding dormers. These additions are more commonly seen now. These types of houses are found mostly in the Kitsilano region. This a great design for a narrow lot size.

The Eastern Cottage. Mostly built from the 1920's to the 1930's. This style is seen in throughout the Vancouver area. It is very basic and inexpensive to build. Has small windows and sometimes with planter boxes in the front. Has a small front awning and alcove/porch over the front door. The siding is was originally stucco but now is more commonly seen with another type of newer material. The roof is usually chamferred. This is where the edge has been cut, buffed, or dulled to eliminate the right angle. Look at the picture below. This style is sometimes called the 'One and a half Storey'.

The Craftsman. This is a house style where there are rough edges. It is common to see hand split shakes, unpolished concrete finishes, etc. There is an exclusive use of original and natural materials. Meant to look as natural as possible. Using only Brick, wood and stone. Built primarily in 1900-1930. The style originated in a California magazine magazine by Gustave Stickley called 'The Crafstman'. First published in 1901. The style was probably on e of the first mass produced pre-fabricated homes. Some companies like SEARS would ship these houses in pieces wherever there was a train to take it there. The whole house, including plumbing, would show up at once or in sections. All but the foundations, wells, and septic systems. Very common in the Westside of Vancouver.


Keep on the lookout for these styles. Take note of where you may see them and how they might have changed over time. They are all throughout Vancouver and BC.


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