Vancouver Real Estate - A New Year Has Come

Hello and Welcome Back.

With 2013 in the books - 2014 is surprisingly off to a steady start.  The first week of January was very typical.  Fallout from food family and drink was evident.  The second week of January had buyers already coming in the doors to chat about the market.  With the lack of snow and rain - albeit under a fog - this spring seems to be just around the corner.  The excellent 2013 rebound may have some positive fall-out.  Certain areas of the City and especially in the Coal Harbour are - saw the "activity" level increase by almost 50%.  Note - activity.  Not prices.  Price adjustments fluctuated +/- 3-5%.  What does this say.  Buyers who were and still are "nervous" about the market decided after waiting two years for it to settle out - did settle on making a move.  How long does one wait and listen to the predictions.  With record interest rates, increased options and new inventory entering the market - this is a good time to look at and monitor the Vancouver Market.  So varied and specific, it is very IMPORTANT to note that statistics are an average.  Specific areas will have their own statisitcs.  Very important to use someone who works in and is very familiar with the area of interest.

Activity is well on its way in parts of Vancouver.  Spring is in the air already (ask the skiers) and with solid lending rates, those on the sidelines that waited out 2013 are starting to appear.

Contact me anytime for straight talk - straight answers.  No obiligation.  Just good information. 

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