Vancouver Real Estate - Coal Harbour - Luxury is Back ?

Welcome Back

Just wanted to pass along a few notable sales in our area over the - which now seems very fast - summer season.  Spectacular weather had our waterfront office extremely busy from sun up to sun down.  Two notable purchases.

While manning the office - on two occasions - I had the pleasure of speaking with many people - both local and from all over the world.  Two of these parties were not really in the hunt for a new home - only looking to chat about the local market and what was available - at what price.  The benefit of our waterfront office is - plenty of walk in traffic and a great space to advertise our listings. 

After a pleasant chat on both occasions - to shorten a longer story - both of these parties ended up purchasing luxury waterfront homes within a month of each other.  Both in the same building at Two Harbour Green and both the exact floor plan.  No, these folks were not from afar.  Both called Alberta and Manitoba home.

Some of our new clients we are now working with - on the purchasing side - did encompass the globe.  Lebanon, Jordan, New Delhi, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Bejing.  Yes - Vancouver is on the global map.  And for those of us who live here - for good reason.

The fall market should be an interesting one.  For many - thanks to the weather - it was hard to contemplate a home sale vice enjoying family, friends and our fantatic summer. 

Any questions or comments on Vancouver real estate - we are always open to discuss your needs and wants.  July and August saw a significant spike in sales - while pricing is now very stable.  Interest rates are holding somewhat and there is good inventory on the market - with more to come. 

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