Vancouver Real Estate - Headlines, Headlines !

Wow - nothing like the press jumping on the real estate market wagon to kick off the new year.  I couldn't help but notice how many publications on Thursday past sacrificed their front pages to slam the future of real estate in Vancouver - again.  Story goes - value of real estate drops !  What they were of course referring to was the assessment role numbers released by the tax man.  Nothing was based on actual real estate sales in the area. 
The December statistics followed just a day later.  Nothing in the press other than a very undramatic artilcle today - stating "Buyers and Sellers in Mexican Stand-Off".  Well go figure - we have been saying that since last June.  Statisitcs are great but are always after the fact.  Very true, both sides of the home coin were taking a break.  Uncertainty will do that and I don't fault any one issue.  Its the herd mentality - if no one goes to the watering hole - no one drinks.  The market was due to cool off but the positives are still there.

First we live in one of the top 5 cities in the world - think about that.  Top 5.  Easy access with international flights - wonderful non-traditional Canadian weather in the city that can be easily found within minutes (look north), one of the few metro areas that offer extensive services within the city core (park the car) - I could go on.  Most of all it's Canada - the best nation in the world on many fronts.  Investment wise - yes we will see our ups and downs but look closely - we are geographically bound by mountains and water to the north, ocean to the west and a border to the south.  Sooner or later - those wishing to live in the core areas - will have to purchase what is already standing.

Second, although we did see a reduction in activity, listings and sales, pricing (the important factor) was holding steady.  When you think of global economics, the US and their scratch and climb to show some improvement - we should be happy seeing fluctuations on home prices (between December 2011 and December 2012) ranging from a 1.9 to 2.5% reduction.  Is that all ?  What happened to all the predictions this time last year saying the bubble we were all balanced on - would no longer hold the load.  Hence the reason I stay away from predictions.  Most areas would welcome with open arms - this solid performance.

Back to the herd mentality.  I will say one thing - when people return to the streets this spring - I don't have to tell you it only takes one person to hit the dance floor (ahhh, the days of high school) and away we go with another spring market.  I've watched many times in the past.  Hence the chosen few are looking now - there is still good product out there. 

It simply comes down to taking control of your future - or living on predictions.  If we allowed that to enter our lives - the entire West Coast would be vacant - thanks to our geological position and the impending "big one".

Contact me anytime for a chat - straight talk - straight answers.  And NO predictions.

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