Vancouver Real Estate - Smoke on the Horizon ?

No doubt you and I both have been hearing, viewing and "cafe-talking" about the impending real estate doom that the press (and a bold few) have been predicting of late - "yes the wall has cracked my friend - so hang on."  Always an interesting read from those sitting in an office - using pure statistics from what has happened - formulating the future from - well - what has happened.  So what - has happened ?

Fact - buyers are taking their time with the amount of inventory now at their disposal - hence the activity has lessened.  Note - activity, not price.  Fact - foreign investors (voluntarily or otherwise) have seemingly taken a breather this season.  Fact - Bank of Canada as of today is holding steady on record low interest rates.  Fact - take a look around the city - the construction cranes have returned - fresh inventory.  So why would anyone rush to the shore - with this impending home price tsunami inbound - to wipe out record home value gains ?  That of course will be answered in the next "official" spring market - once those on the sidelines who, yet again held off on purchases - reach their own tipping point.  Life goes on.

I am asked daily - what actually drives the Vancouver Real Estate market ?  Why does it seem to buck most trends and why - after presenting all these negative articles over the last 4 years - the powers that be have been on average, wrong.  Here are some points to ponder but make no mistake - the signs are there that we are going to see a price "adjustment".  Not a prayer I am going to tag a percentage on that guess and yes - it is still a guessing game at this point.  But I do question anyone who says we are going to hit the 30-40% range in home value decline.  Do you really think buyers would sit on the sidelines - that long - before entering the market ?  We go as others go - and it only takes one person to hit the dance floor.  Ahhh yes - high school memories.

Fact - Vancouver is a world destination - located in the best country in the world.  Fact - migration to the area is second only to Toronto.  Fact - young families, single professionals and baby boomers are opting for condo living and convenience - fewer single family homes are being built due to lot values and location.  Fact - commuters have had enough with costs in both fuel and time.  (Telus Gardens almost sold out the entire project to its employees and Marine Gateway - sitting at a Canada Line station - has generated record sales.)  Fact - Vancouver offers lifestyle - period. 

"If you build it - they will come."  Nervous developers are still chiming this tune but know very well - they might come but - will take their time buying.  In the meantime we are most certainly at the mercy of world economics.  Much larger countries are in a death match with recovery and say what you will - but we are in the fight as well - resource rich or not.  On the positive side - Vancouver seems to answer every bell.  The future ?  Well that simply depends on how many rounds it takes - to find a winner.

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