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I thought I would pass along a couple of recent sales to give an idea of what can be done in todays market - to account for the reduction in activity over the last 3 months.  Very simple - no secret marketing ploys here.  Price.  Presentation.  Commitment.  I had the privilege of meeting and dealing with two very realistic vendors who - once decided this was the time to sell - took every action and piece of advice ensuring their homes were absolutely ready on all fronts - to be viewed.  No need to repeat - "first impressions..."

The first property was a one bedroom at 1928 Nelson.  Used sparingly the home was in excellent condition.  The building has a great reputation and is located in an extremely popular area of the West End (west of Denman Street).  After our first meeting - it simply came down to strategy on driving the most traffic to the home.  The buyers are out there but much like the shopping madness that is about to occur today - you need to stand out - you need to raise a flag quickly and agressively - to get noticed.  You have to outpace the competition. Back to point one - price.  We priced it for the current market.  No test drives, no "what if's" and especially - no promises.  I don't know how many times I have been asked to take a listing - after a seller has wasted 3 months on the market with bad advice and broken promises from a desparate few in the business.  Chasing the "market" downhill is not any fun - due to it's expense.  Its a waste of everyone's time - especially the home owner. Being realistic is the key.  If the market does not support an expected price - then do not list the home.  Simple. We sold the home in 5 days with over 250 listings in the West End - some of those on the market since early spring.  Priced right - well presented with solid marketing and a commited seller.

The second home at The Hudson on Granville Street - was much the same.  Meet the vendors - discuss the market - listen to their needs and expectations and come up with a strategy.  It was priced exactly in the range to cause that "flag" to go up and get people in the door.  Clean - well presented with solid marketing and priced right - another sale in under a week.  Price.  Presentation.  Commitment.  There is no magic to selling a home.  Sound advice - strategy - and I wish I could come up with a unique saying - but work - is needed on all fronts to sell a home.  The sellers and their realtor become a team. 

Which brings me to my last point.  You must work with a realtor that knows the market you are in - has a proven record - that earns your trust and most of all - you like.  Real Estate relationships are no different than most - buying or selling a home is a pivotal and emotional life event.  You want someone on your team who has only one goal - to achieve what is best for you - and you only.  I have to say the most common feedback I receive from my clients is - trust.

Feel free to chat anytime - about your needs - what I see on the street and where the market could be heading and the options that are in front of you. 

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