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Vancouver – one of the best places on earth to live.  But where in Vancouver?  If you are relocating from another part other world, country, or even within BC, it can be hard to choose a home and neighbourhood that corresponds to your needs, especially if you haven’t spent that much time in Vancouver.  The real estate market can be daunting as it is, but if you do not know enough about the place in which you are purchasing property, it can be even more so.

Over the next couple of months, follow my blog as I provide you with a comprehensive guide on where to live in Vancouver.  I will break down the major Vancouver neighbourhoods and analyze what makes each a great place to live: who lives there; which restaurants, shopping, nightlife and outdoor activities are popular to the area; transportation; nearby schools and any safety concerns; and of course, real estate.  I will focus on major Vancouver neighbourhoods in and surrounding the downtown core.  Hopefully, this Where to Live in Vancouver guide should help you decide what areas are most suited to you and your family.

First up: Gastown.

Vancouver Real Estate - An Ariel View of Downtown Vancouver

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