Vancouver Real Estate vs The Vancouver Canucks

Here at The Aziz Group we are all proud born Canadians and Canuck fans through and through.  WE LOVE OUR CANUCKS!  We were all along for the ride the other day during the NHL Trade deadline watching the drama and waiting in suspense for Gillis to make the right decision and rebuild this team. 

The two most talked about topics amoungst our employees are VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE and THE CANUCKS!

So we've decided to break down, for our readers, members and our clients, what Gillis has done with his last two goalie trades in terms or in comparision to Real Estate. 


 The "GM" has traded ....


2 bedrooom Luxury Downtown Condo with views valued at $1,500,0000 (Cory Schneider)


New Construction 2 bedroom condo in False Creek valued at $8000,000 (Bo Horvat).

overview... values may rise in  the future, but will a 2 bedroom in False creek ever be as valuable as a luxury condo downtown?


Super Luxury high end Penthouse property Downtown Vancouver Valued at $5,000,000 (Roberto Luongo)


An average town home, almost anywhere in Greater Vancouver, valued at $600,000  (Shawn Matthias)


A large amount of Acres outside of the Fraser Valley valued between $300,000 to $500,000 (Jacob Markstrom) 

overview... Simple!  You didn’t get enough back.



We support the Canucks and always will.  This is not to tear any of the new Canucks up, welcome to the team and our GREAT CITY!  We will be cheering for you all the way and we will enjoy watching your growth proffessionally in the NHL. 

Gillis's performance on the other hand.... not so stellar.  Would you keep your Realtor around if they made equally bad deals with your Real Estate?



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