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Vancouver Street Eats - Vendor Friends

The City of Vancouver encourages Street Vending as a means to bring together community, and to enhance liveliness to City Streets. By way of sidewalk kiosks, or mobile units, Street Vending can bring people together, and create another outlet for the public to have the convenience of street level products. Vendors must make an application to the city to get a permit to sell their food to the public. This really helps to keep the quality level of the food way up. So you literally have a built in guarantee of tastiness.

Mayor Gregor Robertson compared the variety of choices to the selection in street-food hubs such as Portland and New York City.

“I think Vancouver has looked longingly and hungrily at the success of Portland, New York City and other cities in the world…that have incredible street food,” he said. “From Bangkok to New York City, Vancouver is now joining those ranks and putting our best on the streets so everyone can sample from that.”

The city started this as a pilot project last year - and it was a huge success. The winners have to have waste-management plans. Their food-handling practices will be subject to Vancouver Coastal Health inspection. Out of over 100 applicants, 19 vendors have won their permits.

While the first round of vendors were picked on a lottery system, this year’s street carts were chosen through a staff screening process and evaluations by a local panel, including chefs, food bloggers and nutritionists.

Vendors were selected on a point system, based on criteria including foodsafe certification, use of organic, local or fair trade foods, nutritional content and cart readiness. The picks were also based on a public survey, which ranked Mexican, organic/healthy, Indian and Japanese as the most popular food choices.




But you can only trust your own tastebuds and the proof is in the eating. What a fun downtown adventure to set out on any nice day this summer.


There`s even a new i-phone app called Eat Street that shows you where and when you can find your favorite spot.

Here's a current list of all the new 2011 Street Vendors with description and location:

  • Cartel Street Food (Korean fusion - beef, pork and tofu Korean tacos), West side of 500 Dunsmuir Street.
  • Chawalla ( India - Indian teas, sweet and savory parantha (stuffed Indian flatbread), East side of 800 Howe Street.
  • Didi's Greek (Greek - meat and vegetarian souvlaki, tzatsiki and pita spanakopita, Greek salad), south side of 1700 Robson Street
  • Feastro the Rolling Bistro (Mixed menu -- seafood taco, prawns, fish and chips, oysters, pork taco, seafood chowder, salad, prawn bisque, yam/sweet potato fries), Thurlow at W. Cordova Street.
  • Finest at Sea (Seafood - fish sandwiches, fish tacos, coleslaw, vegetable kebab), Southeast corner of Robson Street and Hornby Street.
  • Gourmet Syndicate (Asian fusion - pork sliders, soba noodle soup, banh mi, rice balls, duck salad, trimmed chicken karaage, whole fruits), East side of 900 Burrard Street.
  • Kiss Kiss Banh Banh (Vietnamese - sub sandwiches, salads and coffee), Northwest corner of Howe and Robson streets.
  • Mangali ( Mediterranean - shish kebab, lafah, couscous, chickpea, beet, carrot and radish salads), North side of 900 W. Georgia Street.
  • Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck ( American - grilled sandwiches, soups and chili), 600 Hornby Street.
  • Off the Wagon (Mexican - tacos), 600 Howe Street.
  • Osa Tako Hero (Japanese - Takoyaki), South side of 800 W. Pender Street.
  • Roaming Dragon 2 (Comfort foods - sandwiches, matzo balls, shepherd's pie, soups, chili, fruit), East side of 800 Burrard Street.
  • Soho Road Naan Kebab (Indian fusion - chicken tandoori burgers, beef kebabs, masala fries and chai tea), West side of 900 Howe Street.
  • Tacofino Cantina Inc. (Mexican - tacos burritos, quesadillas, tortilla soup, fruit and vegetable skewers and assorted juices), 1800 Morton Street.
  • Cart name TBA ( Greek - meat and vegetarian souvlaki), North side of 800 Dunsmuir Street.
  • The Hut (Vegetarian - wrap veggie burgers, quesadillas, sweet potato fries and wraps), South side of 1200 Pacific Blvd.
  • The Juice Truck (Juice - fresh fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies), 200 Abbott Street.
  • The Re-Up BBQ (BBQ - beef brisket sandwich, black bean and corn chili, southern sweet tea, seasonal fruit soda), South side of 800 Robson Street.
  • It`s All About Grill (Asian bbq - meat, fruit, vegetables), West side of 100 Burrard Street.

The food vendor program will continue to expand over the coming years. City council voted in January to increase the number of carts by 60 additional sites over the next four years.




Get hungry, get out and get fed - on the street!




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