Vancouver and the Stanley Cup

Vancouver and the Stanley Cup

 While we Vancouverites are cheering on our beloved Canucks, you may not be aware that Vancouver has won the Stanley Cup before. Okay, maybe not the Canucks, but The Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley cup in 1915 against the Ottawa Senators at the now long gone Denman Arena. In 1911, the first artificial ice surface in Canada, and the largest ice rink in the world, was built in the West End at the corner of Denman and Georgia. In the 1914-15 hockey season, the Vancouver Millionaires became Western champions. The Ottawa Senators were Eastern Champs, and the two teams played at Denman arena for the Stanley Cup. The Millionaires won with ease and had their names engraved onto the cup - the only Vancouver team to ever do so. In 1936, the Denman Arena was destroyed by fire.

The Vancouver Millionaires










     Stanley Cup with Vancouver Millionaires engraving







The Vancouver Millionaires (later known as the Vancouver Maroons) were a professional ice hockey team that competed in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and the Western Canada Hockey League between 1911 and 1926. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, they played in Denman Arena, the first artificial ice surface in Canada and the largest indoor ice rink in the world.








Denman Arena



The Millionaires/Maroons succeeded as PCHA champions six times 1915, 1918, 1921, 1922, 1923 and 1924.










  Note that this poster states "Stanley Cup Holders"



Their jerseys were maroon, featuring a white V with "Vancouver" spelled down one side of the V and up the other. Hall of Famers Fred "Cyclone" Taylor, Mickey MacKay and Didier Pitre were among the most significant players to don the Millionaires/Maroons uniform in the team's history.


On October 1, 2010, the Vancouver Canucks president and management officially announced that the Vancouver Canucks had purchased the rights to logos, jerseys and trademarks of the Vancouver Millionaires.




100th Anniversary Jersey of the Millionaires


An interesting side note, Frank Patrick, owner of the Vancouver Millionaires, also owned the first women's hockey team in Vancouver, called the Vancouver Amazons. He organized a tournament for the Amazons against the Seattle Vamps and the Victoria Kewpies. The Amazons went undefeated during this tournament and did not allow any goals against them on their way to becoming West Coast Women’s champions and the first women’s team to win an international competition.












 The Vancouver Amazons 1917


The Original incarnation of the Vancouver Canucks was in 1945. At that time they were members of the Pacific Coast Hockey League (PCHL). They established a name for themselves, winning the President's Cup in their first season and agin in 1948. Pretty good for a rag-tag group of pros and beginners, most returning servicemen from WW2. In 1952 the league was re-named the Western Hockey League, and after a failed attempt at getting an expansion team in the NHL, the Canucks had to wait till 1970 to see their original moniker back on the boards.





The Vancouver Canucks 1945   



                                 The Vancouver Canucks 1970







In the Canucks first NHL season in 1970-71, the lowest paid player made $16,000—more than the entire combined payroll of the 1945-46 team. Times, they are a-changing!


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