Vancouver's West End - Sailing Along.

The West End continues to show steady signs on the real estate front - as we await our first true taste of summer.  (We must be close - I purchased my third bike last week).  Buyers are still cautious but actively looking at the inventory and of course there is no secret formula when it comes to listing your home - simple preparations and PRICE will drive the traffic your way.

Just 4 months into 2011 there were 210 homes sales.  The low end of the scale had a sale at $179,000 while on Beach Avenue - a suite at the spectacular Cinque Terre sold for $5.4 million.  On the active listing front - there are 219 choices including a listing at 1250 Burnaby Street for $178,000 and - once you cash in the winning lotto ticket - you may entertain a look at the Shangri La on Alberni/Georgia Streets - list price - $5 million.  Properties as diverse as the West End itself. 

Congratulations to Hedy Fry - Member of Parliament for Vancouver Center - on her re-election to the House - although with the shift that occurred on Monday a few less friendly faces will be found at the local Liberal haunts.  No doubt the public did speak and the broom used in Quebec was a mighty one changing the face of politics in Ottawa.  Not sure what to make of some of the newly ordained NDP candidates in La Belle Province - had I known they would elect a 19 year old student and a 20 year old waitress - I would have moved there myself !  That is not a bad gig - over $150,000 a year - for at least a 4 year term- plus expenses and staff.  We all could only wish.

On the local front the West End Community Center will be hosting the 6th Annual "Art in the City" visual art show this weekend - running from May 6 to May 9.  Most certainly worth a look - not your standard exhibition and will provide some very interesting interpretations by very talented local artists.  Times are 7-9 pm on Friday; 10-6 pm on Saturday and 10-2 pm on Sunday. 

Now that the March school break is over - Easter has passed - the election is history, we are receiving increased calls on the market - from both home owners and potential buyers in the area.  Owners are seeing - depending on area and type of home - we have hit another record first quarter on some fronts.  Very enticing.  Buyers are seeing the same thing but tired of holding off (waiting for a market downturn that has been predicted for the last 3 years) taking advantage of extremely low interest rates and excellent inventory selection.  Most notable are folks from the burbs looking to downsize and give up those miserable commutes - with fuel projected to hit over $1.50 a liter by the summer and spending an average of one full work day in your car - some have had enough.  Can't say I blame them.  Like I stated in my last blog - I watched fuel go up 3 cents last Friday night while enjoying a salad.  My bike parked outside - never looked so good.

Feel free to contact me anytime - to chat about your thoughts, plans, the market, home selling or buying options, etc.  I am however - not very good at boosting unrealistic expectations and will - tell it like it is.  You deserve at least that much.

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