Vancouver's West End Rezoning Plans

Back in December 2009 The City introduced new plans for the West End community. Under the STIR program or Short Term Incentives and Rental program several redevelopments are planned to increase rental unit stock for the area. Buildings targeted so far for redevelopment are 1401 COMOX proposed 22 storey 193 rental units, 1754 PENDRELL 19 storey 34 condos and 10 rental units, 1215 BIDWELL 20 storey 49 rental and 98 condos, 1600 BEACH 19-23 storey(no other info) 1245 HARWOOD(no info). Concerns by current residents and neighbours of buildings scheduled for redevelopment are several. One big concern is that once redeveloped, new rental units will no longer be affordable for the average West End resident. Profit will be the motivating force for developers adding rental units to the market. STIR is subsidizing developers for these projects. But residents will have to find housing while the buildings are developed, and many believe that developers will likely reduce the amount of rental units and increase condo units to again maximize profit. The impact of having significantly higher towers added to the current West End zoning plan, developed back in the 80's, will undoubtedly change the landscape and affect residents in many direct and indirect ways. For good or bad one thing is true, out with the old and in with the new. No more land to expand then eventually to sustain a density downtown you have to build up and the West End will be redeveloped to it's highest and best use.

All we can hope for is that any future planning of the West End will be motivated by serving the community and it's residents now and in the future. Nobody wants a West End void of trees and replaced by towers.

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