Vanier Park

Vanier Park

Vanier Park

Of the 15 city parks in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, Vanier Park is the biggest and most famous. Situated on a gentle peninsula near Burrard Bridge, the park has waterfront views of False Creek, English Bay and downtown Vancouver, walking paths connecting it to Kitsilano Beach and Hadden Park, and a launching ramp for small boats.


Once a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) supply depot, the site was turned over to the Vancouver Park Board in 1966. Named for former Governor General of Canada George Vanier, the park officially opened on May 30, 1967. The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre and the Museum of Vancouver complex opened in 1968, thanks to lumber baron MacMillan’s $1.5 million donation. In the park is also the wonderful Maritime Museum.

                                             Maritime Museum at Night
Besides being home to three museums, Vanier Park also hosts some of the city's most well-known summer festivals, including a Shakespeare fest known as Bard on the Beach and the annual International Children's Festival. Check out my bog about Vancouver Summer Festivals to get more information about these events.


Map of Vanier Park and Area


There are two public boat ramps at Vanier Park that are available free of charge 24 hours a day. Pay parking, however, is in effect for automobiles and trailers. A seasons parking pass can be purchased from Central Parking by calling 604-684-6634.
                                                                               Vanier Park Boat Launch
 You can even catch an Aqua Bus or a  False Creek Ferry from Vanier Park, near the  Space Centre or the Maritime Museum, to go shopping on Granville Island. Talk about a day full of adventures.
An interesting point of interest for Vancouver history buffs - The City of Vancouver Archives building is located on the west side of the park at 1150 Chestnut Street. Its a treasure trove of history in Vanier Park, the City of Vancouver Archives is sure to entertain, educate and enlighten.
This photo (approx. 2002) from the Archives shows part of the Granville Bridge, Bridges restaurant (Granville Island), Burrard Bridge Civic Marina (1655 Whyte Avenue), Government of Canada Coast Guard Kitsilano Base (1661 Whyte Avenue), City of Vancouver Archives (1150 Chestnut Street), Bard on the Beach tents, Vancouver Museum (1100 Chestnut Street), Maritime Musuem (1905 Ogden Avenue), part of the Vancouver Aquatic Centre (1050 Beach Avenue), False Creek Ferries dock and False Creek ferries.

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