The ice is quiet, the flying snow has settled (and continues to melt) and the Olympics are a part of history now. What a games we hosted in our beautiful city! Our neighbours around the world were glued to their television sets watching the drama unfold on what has to be the best winter Olympics to date.

It did not start out as we had hoped with a tragic death and some disappointing results for our athletes. It seemed that we were doomed to struggle through the 2 weeks ahead but true to Canadian form, we rallied and showed the world that we are more then those polite visitors that travel to their countries. We are fierce competitors filled with heart and proudly Canadian. We finished strong breaking records in the wake of our men's hockey team coming up with a country erupting win in OT. You could not have written a better ending to an amazing 2 weeks. See the link bellow for a look back at the games and all the great moments we shared with each other and the world.


I was able to enjoy some of the great events and venues and was blow away by the performances of the athletes. It is amazing what they can do and seeing all the hard work come to this moment is truly inspiring. My favorite event (other then the hockey games) was the men's halfpipe on Cypress. Watching Shaun White fly 20ft out of the pipe was unreal!


My ride up to Cypress.

View of the halfpipe.

Crazy fans standing for the whole event.


The legend himself Tony Hawk.

Shaun White going huge!

Big smiles all around. He only needed one run to win the gold.



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