Ways to "Awesome" your home

Todays blog I am going to write about a link I found just yesterday. There are some cool things you can do to your home here, all though most of them I or anyone I know would never do. There are 32 Ideas here but Im going to talk about what stood out for me the most. If your looking to do some home renovations this might give you some creative ideas.

-Under stairs storage.   Yes it looks really cool, And also its space effective.

-Backyard beach themed fire pit. Who doesnt love the beach? Here in Vancouver this feature would be seasonal since we get all four seasons, but hey why not have the beach right in your backyard? If you like having guests over or if you just need to lay back you have a top of the line backyard with this alone.

-See through bath tub. I think it looks great. Who else has a see through bath tub? Your first thought might be "privacy" but just remember you take your baths or showers with the door closed, or at least you should be.

-Walk in pool. If I was to get a pool in my backyard I would get this type of pool it has more of a beach feel to it as well. This is another seasonal feature for Vancouverites, but one more way to make your backyard the place to be in the summer time if thats what your looking for. To top it all off this type of pool would blend in with your backyard landscape better as well.

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