We All Work Hard - We Should Take Downtime Too

We're all guilty of it; we put work far and beyond above taking some refuelling downtime. But, as high as we rank our priority of work, we should be ranking our personal and family time.


The University of Maine published a great article called  "Balancing Work and Family", that outlines some solid ideas for finding a healthy balance in our busy lives. I also found a great blog by a very organized dad and hard worker, well worth reading: "Time and Your Family".







By far the most comprehensive and thoroughly engaging series of articles on this topic were recently published in the Globe and Mail. This is a 6 part series with titles like, "Hoping to Get  Sick in Order to Rest". It's so interesting to see how others cope with this ongoing dilemma.


This highly rewarding career of mine also has its drawbacks. Time is not always on our side; late night negotiations, often working with 2 or more time zones....  and all those emails!

An exercise that we practise is to spend at least 2 nights away from our home every 3 months.  That downtime is precious to us both. It's an opportunity to focus on what really matters.

Try it, you'll like it.

What was the best part of your week?



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