West End - Its Official - 234 "New" Rental Suites - Spring 2011.

It was no true secret but as of Tuesday its now official.  The West End will be adding 234 new rental suites to the area by the spring of 2011.  The old Pacific Palisades Hotel is under wraps as we speak and will be completely renovated - offering 76 studios, 152 one bedroom and 6 one bedroom penthouse suites to the multitudes - who strive to live in the best part of the city.  Located on Robson Street at Jervis - this will no doubt have the waiting list fill up in quick order.  Although posted rental rates might seem a bit steep - these will be "new" suites in a concrete structure in a prime location.  Studios will "start" at $1100 a month while the one bedroom suites will be $1500 a month.  No doubt orientation and view will be factors in the pricing grid. (These are the minimum rates to get in the door)

Using a bit of tongue and cheek - the new marketing material focuses on "PaPa" - "PA-cific PA-lisades" - which I am sure will become the buzz word for the development.  Superb location for those who love the Robson stroll - close to the business district - Coal Harbour is just down the hill and of course a short skip to Stanley Park.  Check out the website just launched 2 days ago - for all the information - pacificpalisades.ca  - floor plans, updates and if interested in entering the rental pool add yourself to the wait list.  Let the countdown begin.


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