When should a divorce real estate specialist get involved?

A divorce real estate specialist should be retained:

(a)    when a marriage begins to break down and there is a matrimonial home involved; or

(b)    during the negotiation of the separation agreement where the family assets are being divided and the matrimonial home is included; and/or

(c)    when a settlement has been made and one or both parties need to purchase his/her own dwelling because the matrimonial home has been sold.

When selecting your divorce real estate specialist, you might want him/her to possess some of these traits:

  • good working knowledge of family law and real estate law
  • sensitive to clients’ mental and emotional states during the divorce process
  • capable negotiator
  • compassionate
  • patient

As a footnote, any realtor who specializes in this area understands and accepts the potential lengthy process leading up to the real estate transaction and is willing to weather the ups and downs with his/her client(s). In addition to filling a social need, the patience and constancy of a divorce real estate specialist adds value to the reputation of the real estate industry.


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