Where is Spring?

Looking outside at today's weather has me wondering...where is spring?

One day the birds are chirping, flowers are popping up and spring is in the air! Then wham the very next day its snowing! Is global warming (or should I say cooling) having an effect that we are starting to see in our weather systems? I definitely see the seasons getting pushed back, spring is coming later and summer also.

The strange weather may be affecting peoples moods but it is not affecting the real estate market. We are seeing very strong sales numbers in detached homes and condos. I did an open house last Sunday on my listing #2 1831 Trafalgar and had 35 groups of potential buyers visit. I'm expecting 3 offers today on this property after only being on the market for a few days.

The weather may be a little wacky but the spring market is in full swing here in Vancouver!

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