Why get a Buyer's Agency Signed?

Well let me start by saying that I have been burned a few times and then I started getting my new clients to sign a Buyers Agency Agreement. It will definitely ease your mind and allow you to work the best way possible for your clients. I know what some of you are saying, "It scares off some people" or "I don't feel comfortable asking" Well some times I thought......I don't have to ask this person or these people to sign an agreement I know they won't just jump ship...... Well let me tell you, I just thought this, and GUESS WHAT? Yep you guessed it...... I got burned again! It is not worth our time and effort to just watch people walk away after we have worked so hard. This is a business and we should treat as such and people should respect this. If they do not want to sign a buyers agency agreement.........Do you want to work with them? Ask yourself this question!

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