Rushing our way down the street through the rain and wind gusts, we walking into the store that turns out to be a little piece of heaven on a cold and stormy night of shopping. A friendly greeting at the door and the smell of freshly baked cinnamon waffles is in the air, this seems like my kind of place. Welcome to William-Sonoma a week before Christmas. With staff at every corner and a hot cup of apple cider in your hand, who wouldn't want to take their time going through the store to find that perfect gift.

Since November 2007, William-Sonoma has been a great addition for the residents of Fairview and the South Granville area. Offering fantastic service, cooking demonstrations, and some of the best selection of cookware are only a taste of the things that you can expect once you walk through the door. Visit the link to find out a little more about William-Sonoma or visit them yourself the next time you are walking down the street. You never know what they will have waiting for you at the tasting bar. www.william-sonoma.ca

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