Would YOU live HERE?


I feel obligated to tell everyone about this great micro-housing project by a local Vancouverite Ian Kent and team with NOMAD Micro Home

A two level compact home with all the necessities to survive packed into a 10 x 10 structure. With options like in rainwater collection, solar panels, toilet incinerator and much more.

The only problem would be where to put it. Too bad the city doesn't make small parcels of land available for these projects on a rental basis, maybe even one of those 11 downtown unused development lots that the city had plans to build low income housing on... and never did (due to financial issues - good locations too!). Not to mention the rent could subsidize the cost to tax payers when the lot gets developed. 
Or unused parking lots, sure they could make more $ that way... Monthly rent of $300 for 2 stalls, for the micro home, and an additional stall for convenient parking (this is no loss to the parking lot owner considering most Vancouver parking lots charge around $100 per space per month.

- Kitchen: stove, fridge, sink, faucet
- Bathroom: compost toilet, sink, faucet, hand shower, mirror, exhaust fan
- Hot Water: propane hot water on demand
- Heat: propane forced air
- Solar Power System
- Grey Water Treatment System
- Rainwater Collection System

This project is trying to get funding but unfortunately they aren't getting anywhere close. My guess would be because the people that support this, less wealthy, don't have the means to contribute and the wealthy have no use for it so won't contribute.
If you'd like to contribute, or just show your support, like I did, visit their page!!!



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