Yaletown Boutique Shopping - Unparalleled service - One banging New Bikini

Living in Vancouver one cannot avoid an affair with fashion. The street style is a suttle mix of garments for walking around casual: lulu lemon has a cult following, there are as many Hunter boots as flip flops in the rain. Plus an international influence that right now includes plenty of leather, and multi-lingualism. Everyone and her dog (or toddler) accessorizes with Louis Vuitton, Chloe, or Carrera. Plus, with the fresh and ample rain, Vancouverites rock technical fabrics and an array of umbrellasrto protect us from the elements. Just watch out for those umbrella bin thiefs.

This blog is to highlight and congratulate local store owners. The personal service one gets from a passionate boutique store owner is unparalleled to any other shopping experience. I live close to the boutique district in Yaletown. In this downtown neighborhood the boutiques outnumber the chains and the store owners and employees exude a fierce commitment to their customer's styling needs. Over a month ago I let it be know that I was after a fuchsia bikini for a vacation to Lanai'i off Maui. I did not find one in time but did receive a call yesterday from Alicia at Gateau Lingerie on Mainland. She has just received her Summer shipment which includes the PERFECT Vix bikini in a cannot-miss me shade of fuchsia.

We all need to celebrate the joys of shopping local. It supports more families, builds a neighborhood's reputation and desirability, reduces our carbon footprint, and allows for amazing customer service (not to mention happy people).

I'm off to secure said swimwear. Look for the girl attracting bees at a BBQ in Kits, on a boat in English Bay, or at Sunset beach in the sun.

Where are you finding your seasonal swim attire?

Leanne Martin, CENTURY 21 In Town Realty, Vancouver BC Canada 604.685.5951

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