Your money is safe with me!!

In Canada that is, specifically, Vancouver. The more clients I get, the more I realize that the market is not in a bubble. Vancouver is a VERY VERY safe place to park your money. I say safe on a few fronts. Overall the Canadian economy is churning along. Not as slow or not as fast as some others. The Americans are talking recession. (I don't see it anywhere here in Vancouver) But as stated, churning along. Remember we are Canadian. We don't take risks, but enjoy a balance. Same with our economy. Safe.

Safe in a literal sense as well. You can walk down the street and not worry about being kidnapped, robbed, shot (or any other negative words.)  

Medium weather. Again, Vancouver is median, not too hot and not too cold....Like the three bears...just right.  

We are close to everything. Literally. Our time zones allows for business in Europe when you get up, East Coast and the far east in the evening. Not too bad.

We have it all. Some of the best skiing and outdoor playground in the world. Open seas, drive four hours and you can hit desert like conditions.

Big but not too big and small but not too small. Again, we are just right. We attract all the big acts, concerts shows, etc, professional sports, yet small enough where people still know your name,

So why would you want to love anywhere else. 

Welcome to my home!!

I am Eric Grant. Professional. Realtor. 604.518.4500

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