illuninate Yaletown on for Feb 21st 2009

Yaletown BIA February News  |  February 2.09
Volume: 03  Issue: 1
illuminate yaletown 2009

on saturday, february 21, 2009
, at precisely 5:29 pm, pacific standard time, the sun will set on vancouver...

for a free winter party in yaletown featuring contemporary light installations designed to inspire and impress

NEW YALETOWN EVENT! First Annual Illuminate Yaletown coming February 21

On Saturday, February 21st, 2009, light art will illuminate yaletown. As the only outdoor event to take place in Vancouver at this time of year, this event will bring light to a gloomy night for four luminous hours. Featuring light installations developed by artists and architects, cutting edge music and interactive activities, illuminate yaletown will allow attendees to see Vancouver as it has never been experienced before.

This will be the first annual illuminate yaletown, developed to showcase creative talent and brighten up a gloomy winter evening. Put this event on your 2009 calendar - it will be a night to remember and a favourite of Vancouverites for years to come. You can help to keep Yaletown positioned as the place for leading edge designs and creative thinking by promoting this event to your customers. Contact the BIA office at 604-683-7473 for promotional materials including electronic postcards you can email to customers.

And don't forget -  this will be a great opportunity to meet the creative talent behind the installations and to see how new forms of lighting could help your business stand out. See you there!

New Yaletown street lighting coming now

The YBIA has been successful in negotiating with Hydro to get increased power brought to the Heritage area, and has been successful in lobbying City Hall to improve the street and pedestrian lighting in our area. We are pleased to announce that Hamilton and Mainland will get significantly improved lighting in time for 2010. Test sites for poles begin right away

Pole footings will be installed before the patio season begins and light poles will be installed before Christmas 2009, to ensure that construction avoids our busy summer season.

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