the Truth behind Eyelash Extensions - Eyelash Rehabilitation By Leanne Martin



Everyone loves her eyelash extensions until she notices the remains of her tortured real eyelashes. For the past 6 weeks I have been wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions. These are thicker bigger looking lashes glued individually lash-to-lash to a number of my real eyelashes. This testimonial to educate those who are considering enhancing their eyes in this manner and to open a discussion on eyelash rehabilitation.

After six weeks it is evident that if I continue adhering false eyelashes to my real eyelashes, in a matter of time, I will have no real eyelashes left. From afar, today, my eyelashes look amazing. But, upon close inspection my natural lashes are broken, thinning, bent, and sad.

Prior to getting my eyelash extensions, one of my girlfriends warned me to be careful. She had worn the extensions for about a month and then noticed that her real lashes had mostly broken off. Mortified by this outcome, she spent a small fortune at MAC and has been growing back her natural lashes. Her experience did not faze me as my I was just embarking on my eyelash journey.

Going for weekly refills, donning swimming goggles in the shower, and wearing little to no eye makeup, I was in love with the process and the outcome of the extensions. But inevitably one day, I realized that after 6 weeks my eyelashes need a break. I am terrified to see what remains along my natural lash line. No one told me that I could not continue getting eyelash extensions for the rest of my life. According to one of my technicians, she plans to. So the question is, since semi-permanent eyelash extensions rip out the natural lash or cause it to shed at a faster rate, then how can one carry on?

The owner of the Wink Beauty Lounge, the place where I go, recommends maintaining eyelash extensions seasonally. Most of her long-term clients wear and maintain eyelash extensions for three months on followed by three months off.

I purchased Revitalash, an eyelash conditioner two days ago. This was my immediate response to yet another girlfriend explaining how she was still growing out her real eyelashes. According to her, the eyelash extensions left her with sparse thin eyelashes plus a noticeable bald spot.

It is May 10th 2010. The game plan is to book 1 or 2 more refills using shorter extensions. After this, it will be down to black eyeliner, the eyelash conditioner, and a hope and prayer. I plan to update this blog on the timeline it takes for my eyelashes grow back and whether they grow in full or not.

Stay tuned!

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