I KNOW WHAT WOMEN WANT…….. IN A PROPERTY. Advice for the Seller

It seems that the majority of the clients that I have taken to visit a condo or a house, are all interested in the same thing. The number one priority is the kitchen, with bathrooms following close behind. Everyone looks for granite counters, and if absent, the inevitable comment is that the kitchen has to be gutted. The most popular feature in bathrooms is the glass walk-in shower, making the tub with shower doors almost obsolete. The next feature that is expected is hardwood floors throughout. Carpets have become a dirty word. Although laminated flooring may be up one level from carpets, they too are not adequate. Wallpaper is taboo and clients openly plan its removal and repainting.  It is an extremely rare occurrence for a client to find the existing features satisfactory. As a result, calculations are made and the price that the buyer is willing to spend takes into account the cost of total renovations.

This trend has a message for you, the seller, when preparing your property for sale. If you have already done renovations for your own enjoyment, then the property will most likely be more appealing to the buyer. However, be cautious if you are renovating solely for selling your property. There is no guarantee that the updates and staging that you do will be appreciated by the buyer. Even if you put in a brand new kitchen, it may not be the buyer’s cup of tea.

So what steps would be advisable to update your home?

  • Make your home look as clean and spacious as possible.
  • Remove all clutter.
  • Open up the space by removing all the wallpaper.
  • Have the rooms painted in a neutral colour.
  • Remove old carpeting to expose any original wood floors and have them sanded.
  • Even if you don’t have granite counters, make sure that all the kitchen counters are declutterd so that the emphasis is on the space available.

If you are able to make some investment, then one area which will be worth while is the installation of some wood floors. Even if the colour is not to the buyer’s taste, they can be resanded and stained. The value is still there and gives the home the overall look for which buyers today are searching. 


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