Showing your Property - Making That First Impression

You have made the big decision and signed the brokerage contract with a reputable agent. The agent of course is anxious to start showing your property. However it is important to get your property ready for viewing by potential buyers. Remember that before even visiting, buyers can see your property on an MLS listing provided by their agent. So when your agent is taking the pictures to place on the MLS it is important to have the property looking its best. No matter the physical size of the rooms, they will look larger if there is no clutter. For example make sure counters of kitchen and bathrooms are as free from equipment, bottles, and accessories as possible. Keep floors of bedrooms free from any accumulated belongings. Although not really interested in your belongings, the buyer will be distracted by the clutter and will not get the true picture of the space available. When entering a home that is decluttered, the buyer will concentrate on the space and how it can accommodate their own belongings.

Remember that you only have one chance to make a first impression so take the time to declutter before showing your property.

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