Is this heaven?

Our city of Calgary (and surrounding area) was overcome this past week.

Overcome with torrential rainfall, massive flooding, loss of power, and emergency evacuations. As the flood waters spread, so did the evacuation zone.

Overcome with missing pets, lost heirlooms and ultimately, displaced families.

So people opened up their homes to friends and strangers.

Overcome with community pulling together, random acts of kindness, volunteering from all areas and walks of life, without being asked. Emergency workers, the city and the province worked around the clock to restore power and services. Businesses and their staff offered free services to facilitate cleanup.

Overcome with "because it's just the right thing to do". 

Volunteers came out in droves and spent many hours helping friends and total strangers cleanup - and will continue to do so. Whenever one volunteer had to go back to their daily life, another would step up in their place.


Is this heaven?

Naw. This is Calgary, Alberta. What a great place to live!

Jacki Leesman

Jacki Leesman

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