Finding some Relaxation During the Holidays

Winter can often be an exciting but busy and stressful time of year. With the holidays bearing down on us, it is important to remember that you need to take care of yourself. Take some time each day to sit back, relax, and give yourself a little bit of TLC.

That's why I'm excited to mention an aromatherapy business that is new to town but one that has been around for a while - Cathy's Corner. It is based out of Lake Country, B.C. Cathy's Corner is an alternative to the chemical laden cosmetic products we include in our everyday lives. It offers a simple, effective number of recipes using essential oils known to affect the brain in many psychological and physiological processes. Each product offered, including room misters, body misters, scented roll-ons, moisturizing body/bath oils, diffuser blends, therapeutic herbal oils, herbal teas and organic wheat grass, are hand made locally. Each product has a purpose to heal and affect motivation and moods. These products are created with pure, natural essential oils that have a balancing effect on emotions by producing calming, peaceful, or euphoric feelings. They can boost immunity; improve memory, creativity, libido, sleep, circulation and skin problems. There are a number of products that can be used in place of first aid treatments such as insect repellent, disinfectant, and different varieties of massage oils.

I find that it's important to take care of your body during the taxing holiday season, which is why I suggest trying her organic wheat grass. The benefits of wheat grass have been confirmed by the Hippocrates Health Institute, such as being a powerful detoxifier, especially of the liver and the blood. We all know that during the holiday season, the rum and eggnog flows in the evening, and Christmas morning is often accompanied by a healthy dose of Bailey's added to our coffee. A powerful liver and blood detoxifier may not be a bad idea for yourself, or a gift idea for that relative that always goes a little overboard at Christmas dinner. But even for those interested in leading a healthier lifestyle, a two ounce glass of wheatgrass juice twice a day makes for a great way to combat your exhaustion, incorporate Vitamin A and Vitamin C in to your diet, and to cleanse any heavy metals, pollutants, and other toxins that your body has become home to.

Cathy's intent is to take the 80,000 ingredients we find in our drugstore beauty products, and create a healthy, organic alternative to these products laden with industrial chemicals. She offers an alternative for every demographic - babies, mothers, even your dog. NHL players have been known to utilize her products and boast about their results on her testimonials page, so you know you can even pick something up for that hard to shop for husband of yours. If you are interested in finding a local company with good core values and a little something for everything and everyone, Cathy's Corner may be a good place to start your Christmas shopping, or at least a start to treating yourself. Check out her website for a full list of products! (

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