The Housing Situation and Needs of Recent Immigrants

Access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing is an essential step in immigrant integration. Settlers first seek a place to live and then look for language and job training, education for their children, and employment. Housing is an important indicator of quality of life, affecting health, social interaction, community participation, economic activities, and general well-being.

Throughout Canada, immigrant households tend to be larger than those with Canadian-born primary household members. Immigrants are also more likely to reside in "traditional" families with two parents and children, which helps explain their larger average household size. Toronto has 3.1 persons per household.

According to Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada (LSIC) majority of newcomers in live in high-rise apartments in Toronto (47 per cent), though 73% of newcomers to Toronto are tenants. Two types of immigrant households are able to purchase homes quickly, some in cash; those that have already-established family members in Canada and those that bring substantial capital when they arrive. 

Over time, many immigrants experience "progressive" housing careers, improving their living conditions and eventually becoming homeowners. Those who move into homeownership frequently purchase housing even though they don't have high incomes (the "immigrant effect").

Largely, settlers in Toronto can be credited for keeping our market strong. Welcome to Canada!

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