Is It Time for Wind Power?

   There has to be a source and a vast infrastructure to supply this convenience we call electrical power. which has become a necessity. The problem is the source and infrastructure have limits.  The demand for electrical energy is growing and it's production, economics, environmental impact, cost and long term sustainability should be a concern to us all. There are very few residents of Southern Ontario who are not connected to the electrical grid. The number connected just keeps multiplying.and we as consumers seem to enjoy and are willing to pay for the product. The generation of electricity, no matter what form, has evolved mainly through technological advancement. The question is, has it always been for the better? If we could travel fast forward in time, our decisions would be easier. I have listened to all the positives and negatives of wind turbines. I believe you have to take steps to get somewhere. After looking at all the routes of obtaining electrical power, I would have no hesitation to step in that direction. The opponents of wind energy remind me of the barnyard animals who would not help the "Little Red Hen" plant, harvest or mill the wheat but are sitting at the table to eat the baked bread. We "close to the U.S. border Canadians" enjoy many conveniences in our lives that have and may cause others in our country, hemisphere, world and even ourselves to suffer. As users we all need to start asking questions about how and what we are contributing. Can we keep asking others to make the steps as we sit, watch and enjoy? Should we turn around or take a chance that we have been going in the right direction? Maybe there are still crossroads? Just remember, they are not always marked or used for good reason.

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