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Hi Folks,

Hope you've all found the new Marketing Centre toolbar for our OnlineOffice site. 

When looking at the E-marketing options, you are able to send previous, existing or prospective clients emails to "keep in touch", "follow up" or simply to show off new or already sold listings.  This is a great tool which only takes seconds to put together and mail out to your contacts....and yes, it can be done in bulk as well to save time and maximize efficiency!

Have a peek at some of the E-letters you can send.  There really is a good variety of options to send out!


Under the heading of Print Marketing there are some great flyers and brochures to be created.  Again, there is a plethora of options so take some time and have a look through your options. 

**Please note however, when considering putting together a postcard, at present time you are unable to put the picture of your listing onto the postcard.  I have spoken with and they are looking into correcting this over-site. 


The Presentation option in the Marketing Centre is definitely a powerful tool and should be utilized to encourage potential clients to choose Century21 when listing their home or commercial property.  The total presentation package includes up to 23 pages, with the option to omit certain pages if preferred.  This package highlights the features and benefits of choosing Century21 and how we standout from others while referencing their property, demonstrating first-hand what you as an agent and Century21 as a company really does to make a difference! 

Another of the interesting features of this Presentation option is that it really boasts about our online marketing strategies which sets us apart from the competition! 


****Basically all you have to do is click on the options presented and follow the instructions for creating any of the marketing tools.  They are extremely user friendly and simple to use.  ANYONE can do it and create something to really generate more business in a matter of minutes.




James Alexander

James Alexander

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