messages from Spring to Success


    Catriona LeMay Doan    1) do not get caught up in results only; your sport,hobby or career should be    something you enjoy. Your level of competitiveness will be reflected in your results.  2) One result does not give a very true picture of your potential, do not let a dissappointing result take away your passion or desire.  3) Fretting over a poor result is wasted energy, move on and concentrate on the next, learn or grow from the past and repeat success not mistkes.  4) Your actions affect those around you and those around you effect your endeavours, its a circle or wheel that you want a positive momentum from.  5) Enjoy life, somethings we can not control and some of these will be pleasant some not, choose the path with more pleasant.

    Ed Kohler   1) get found on the net, usually buying ads or sponsered links will accomplish this quickly and economically   2) conversing on the net will increase your exposure to the web public, positve exposure is good.  3) get content on the web pages, both personal and company because one helps the other.  4) give information on the web  a) people want pictures on listings along with information  b) people want information on blogs not promotional pitches. 5) people are spending a lot of time on the net and more and more of this time is devoted towards decision making.  6) It can be fun so enjoy the trip. 

   Jeremy Conaway   1) there is a change approaching and accept the change.   2)  those willing to accept and adapt will succeed because of positive attatude.   3)  different generations have different values.  4)  showing a willingness to understand clients reasoning is imperative.  5) the younger buying generations are our future business and the future is always next.  6)  ways of communicating are changing so be aware and involved.  7) show and use your strengths and address your weaknesses with positive solutions.  7) Change can be fun it all depends on attitude.

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