Missed Opportunities That Could Have Been Avoided

Imagine being a local resident of Prince Edward County who isn't actively seeking property, but is always interested in hearing what's out there.  Perhaps you're toying with the idea of moving yourself someday, or perhaps your son or daughter is thinking of purchasing property nearby.  Now imagine that the perfect lot was just around the corner from your 28 year old family home....the lot that would have been a gem for someone you love to call 'home', but it's already sold!  A flyer just came in the mail to let you know.  Not only is it already sold, but you didn't even know it was up for sale - until it was too late.  A missed opportunity, not only for you as a potential buyer, but also for property seller and the sales agent. 

Could this have gone differently?  ABSOLUTELY!!! 

Bill Goodman walked in today and showed me a "Just Listed" flyer that he was putting in mailboxes around a property he has just put on the market.  'What a great idea', I thought.  If only the poor soul above had seen a flyer such as Bill's.  Well this is exactly what happened this past week out in Cherry Valley when a competitor sent their "Just Sold" notification out to the neighbourhood.  If only that man had known about this property on the other side of the block.  What if he'd made on offer?  What if others in his neighbourhood had also made offers?What if he had seen your name associated with real estate?  The possibilities are endless. 

We NEED to be using fliers such as Bill's.  With the Marketing Centre discussed in a previous blog and located in OnlineOffice, we can ALL create these flyers in just minutes.  We, as Century21 Lanthorn Sales Agents, don't want to miss opportunities and we don't want members of our communities to feel they have missed out either.  We need to stay ahead of the competition and show them how the "Gold Standard" of Century21 makes a difference, not just to our personal books of business, but in the lives of our friends and families. Don't be afraid to ask how, we will gladly assist or find the answers.

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